Starting with 2018, I began to document how people act on the street and how they adapt to living in a big city. A recording of everyday life. I look for diversity in my chosen subjects, using darkness and shadows to emphasize solitude, fear, sadness, and isolation. It's a whole process of discovering, experimenting, understanding and learning. Human emotions are expressed in a lyrical way of seeing the world, focusing on the details of ordinary life. There is frequent isolation of humankind in an urban environment that can be observed universally.
A recurrent theme in my Photography is Time and how people react to it. I try to capture the fragility and shortness of a moment, a moment that instantly becomes a memory. There have been a lot of debates on this theme, but the mystery still revolves around it. I think of my pictures to be a testimony of a universal space where physical time is irrelevant, emphasizing how the real concept of ‘Time’ can be quite different for each individual. While for some stands still, for others moves continuously back and forth.

'Le penseur', Bucharest, RO, 2021

'The shortness of time', Bucharest, RO, 2019.

'Remains of a longing memory', Groningen, NL, 2021.

'Faith in time', Paris, FR, 2019.

'Everything is on the point of decline ', Groningen, NL, 2021.

'Alone with everybody', London, UK, 2020.

'In search of lost time', London, UK, 2020.

'WHERE TO?', Cluj Napoca, RO, 2019

'Temporality', Rome, IT, 2019.

'I feel as if I might vanish today', Bucharest, RO, 2019.

'Sailing towards the unknown', Bucharest, RO, 2019.

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