On the quiet outskirts of Caracal, a city located in the heart of Olt County, Romania, a deeply rooted tradition of farming persists among families who call this land home. With a modest population of 27,403, some residents live in pastoral homes where backyard gardens and fields stretch far and wide. Here, vegetables, fruits, and other goods are not merely grown but are a testament to a self-sustained way of life nurtured through the generations. This photo project seeks to capture the essence of this tradition, focusing on familial bonds, agricultural practices, and strong commitment to the land.
I decided to do this project since I think my parents will be the last generation to follow this way of life. I think it’s important to know your past, and where you come from and be at peace with it no matter if you choose the same lifestyle or not. Photography helped me understand better how my family thinks and feels and the relationship they have with the land.
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